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Please guide me the performance of SELECT query on a table for below scenarios.

I have a very big table with 20crores records in it.
Daily i need to insert/update/delete 10 lacs or 15 lacs records into this table and at the same time need to run SELECT query on this table.

In this case the performance of the SELECT query will be reduced? If yes in which scenarios and also please guide me some references for this type of requirement

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Lalit Kumar B
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20 crores/lacs? Please use standard units. Crore would be 10 million.
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It might degrade, it might not.

It depends on what data you are selecting, how it is being accessed, how frequently it is being accessed and all of these compared to the blocks you are altering. You'll have to test it, basically.
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Kevin Meade
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To summarize:

you have a 200 million row table into which you insert 1 million rows per day.
You want to know if queries will slow down as the number rows in the table increases.


if your queries fetch more rows as the number of rows increases (either because the queries actually want more rows, or the are forced to scan more rows and throw unwanted rows out due to bad design), then they will go slower.

If however due either to partition pruning, or indexing, or other features, your queries are fetching about the same number of rows regardless of the total number of rows in the table, then your queries will take about the same amount of time.

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