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Backup and Recovery [message #56892] Sat, 03 May 2003 01:24
Abhi Malhotra
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hello sir,

Normally you recommend that we should use current controle file, if we don't have then we can use old controle file and if we have not even old controle file then we have to make new controle file. But sir i think that in some scenario we should create create new controle file, may be i am wrong.

Suppose i shut down my database normally and accidendly file is deleted and the controle file which i having is 15 days old. Then if i want to recover my database using this file then i have to apply 15 day's archive logs and have to open database with "Resetlogs". and i create new controle file (Because my DB is normally shutdown) then i don't need to apply archive logs and i can open my database without "Resetlogs"

Sir, even in this scenario , is it better to use old controle file, if yes then why ?

Sir, actually i have no clearity about it so please tell me that is there only drawback of using new controle file that if DBA creates a new controle file and he missed any data file and opened the database with "Resetlogs" then data will be lost.

In this Scenario, suppose i have only one tablespace SYSTEM no undo or no temp ... tablespace

T1 T2 T3 T4

| | |
| | |
| | |
| | | |
| | |
| | &#124 &#124
Cold Bckp bakp control Hot backup Lost System
file binray system datafile and
Control file datafile all controlfiles

T1 --> Cold Bckp

T2 --> backup control file binary

T3 --> hot backup system datafile ..

T4 --> Lost system datafile and all controlfiles

i have all archivelogs and redo logs till T4.

only have t2 controlfile ..

sir in this scnario how can i recover my database ..
[[should i use_of_new_controlfile= Applicable/Not Applicable ]]

Regards ...
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