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Joanne Carter
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My client is a well established international consultancy looking for a Oracle DBA to join their team. You will have basic system administration ability in one of the major operating systems and be able to do installs/upgrades. With your minimum of 3 years industry experience coupled with your 2 years Oracle DBA background, you will be proficient in backups and restores, capacity planning and performance tuning. If you would like to opportunity to work one of the most prestigious consultancy organisations with an unmatched reputation, this is the position for you.

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Mohammad Afaq
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I would like to join as Oracle-DBA

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Satish Surana
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Name:- Satish M. Surana

Address:- C/o R.D.Parakh
N A G P U R.
Contact.No.:- 91- 0712 - 757779 (Res.), 523527 (Off.)
Passport No. :- A-2544953
Email: sat_surana@hotmail.com

Date Of Birth : 22nd Dec.1968.
Sex: Male
Nationality: Indian
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Marathi

Objective : To Contribute productively to the profession of
engineering through
innovation, hard work and curiosity.

Current Position : System Analyst Cum Programmer

Expertise Summary :

* Seven years professional experience in all areas of software
project management, analysis, design, development and implementation.
* Involved in DBA activities such as ORACLE and FOXPRO installation,
creation and maintenance of tablespaces, rollback segments,
normalization of
tables and indexes and fine tuning of SQL scripts to achieve best
response time.
* Working with Lokmat Newspapers Ltd., Nagpur, India.Since May- 1994.

Office address : Lokmat Newspapers Ltd.,
Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Wardha Rd.,
Nagpur 400 012, (Maharashtra) India.
Phone No. (91) 0712-523527, 523528
Available timing : 10.30 A.M. to 6.30 P.M.(IST)

Skills Summary :

Software Technologies:- DEVELOPER/2000, SQL*FORMS Ver 2.3, 3.0,
4.5 and 5.0
Operating System UNIX, WINDOW'S 95, WINDOWS, DOS
Database ORACLE 8i, ORACLE 7.2.3, ORACLE 6.0 AND
Project Experience DEVELOPER/2000 : 3 1/2 YEARS , ORACLE

Platforms : Developer 2000 / Oracle 7.2.3 / Unix (Digital Alpha
Oracle tools Forms 3.0, 4.5, and 5.0, Report-Writer, Sql*Report
(RPT), under Digital Unix. (Digital

* Oracle tools Forms 2.3, Report-Writer, Sql*Report (RPT), PRO*C
under Unix (ICIM Mini Computer)
* Foxpro under MS-DOS and Netware 4.1


Application currently under development using Developer/2000 Front
end on
windows 98
with back-end Digital Unix based Oracle 7.2.3 enterprise server. (
Aplha Server)

Linking of all centres.


S.No Hardware O.S. Software /

1. Digital Alpha Digital Oracle 7.2.3
Server Unix prise Server
( 128 MB RAM, (4.0) bundle tools,
333 Mhz, Sqlforms 3.0,Report-
12 GB HDD, Writter, SQL*Report
8 GB DAT ) (RPT), Pro*C etc.

2. Pentium 166 Mhz Windows Developer/2000,
32 MB RAM, 95 Forms 4.5 &
1.2 GB HDD Reports
8i onwards

3. 386, 486 & DOS FORPRO 2.6
Pentium Novell
16 MB RAM, (2.2 & 4.1) onwards|

4. ICIM Mini Com. Unix Oracle 6.0 with
[[ 4 ]]
Krypton-1025, SVR 3.2 Sql-forms 2.3,
16 MB RAM, Sql-report
25 Mhz,Dual CPU Report Writter,
300x2 MB HDD. Pro*C etc.

Educational Qualification:-

S.No. Examination Year Of University/ Percentage
Passing Board

1. S.S.C.(10 th) 1984 Nagpur. 69 % First
2. H.S.S.C.(12th) 1986 Nagpur. 55 % Second
3. Bachelor Of Science 1989. Nagpur. 50 % Second
(Phy, Chem. & Maths)
4. Master Of Science 1991 Nagpur.
57 %
5. Post Graduate Dip. in 1992 Nagpur.
65 %
Computer Science.

Platforms : Developer 2000 / Oracle 7.2.3 / Unix (Digital Alpha
Oracle tools Forms 3.0, 4.5, 5.0 Report-Writer,
under Digital Unix. (Digital Alpha Server)

* Oracle tools Forms 2.3, Report-Writer, Sql*Report (RPT),
PRO*C under Unix (ICIM Mini Computer)
* Foxpro under MS-DOS and Netware 4.1
* Oracle 8i, C, C++, Java & Visual basic under learning stage from

Project Responsibilites and Highlighting Features :

I have been a member of a developing team comprising 5 professionals in
EDP setup. Our development team hierarchy was as follows:

EDP Manager --( System Analyst(My self)--> 3 new Programmers

All the applications were initially designed and finalized by me along
EDP Manager. In all the applications the most critical and important
modules were development by me in coordination with EDP Manager. My
responsibilities & highlighting features of the application can be
as follows, As a team member of IT support was responsible for :

Database & System Design, Coding, debugging, user training,
implementation &
Database normalization & optimization.
Presentation of very user friendly & flexible Entry/Update/Query Forms
Provision of online help, validity checks and controls in all the major
Finalizing Entry Screens, Reports Format and logical flow required.
Generation of MIS reports/summaries/Query Forms with graphical
representation also.
Confidential modules protected using password and other security
All the critical menus and Entry/Update modules are accessible by the
after entering their valid passwords store in the database. All records
in the database along with the valid user-id.
Special care and efforts were taken to minimize total no. of distinct
reports and graphical programs.
Integration of the related application to avoid any duplicate Entry /
discripancies and ease out reconcillation process.
Extensively involved in writing PL/SQL stored procedures, databasic
triggers, function, and triggers,
participated in module testing and system integration.
Varied use of PL/SQL's, Stored procedures/packages, database triggers
various levels.
Skillfully handled forms triggers, program units, libraries,
groups, form build-ins, dynamic property changes and other GUI

Professional Experience :

Oracle V.6.0 installation on Unix platform and setting various oracle
parameters in init.ora file. Database creation, Index creation, Stored
Procedure creation.
Server configurations and space requirements for new Projects.
Day to Day Database maintainence including refreshing the development
databases and backups.
Developed scripts for tablespace generation, tablespace / segments /
extends reorganization, table locks, creating roles and adding
Responsible for developing various databases at various stages of
implementation of projects, (Databases for conversion of data) and
responsible for Backup.
Created number of Databases using methods Import & Export and at
System level using UNIX tar command.
Involved in performance management solutions team for testing old
reports &
new reports for time managements and debugging.
Trouble shoot various applicatiuon problems and system testing at
cycles while upgrating system.
Working on tuning of database and applications, maintaining security.
Created users and assigned the roles and managed the security of the

Modifying all custom procedures and packages according to new Oracle
application system.
Customization of Forms using SQL*FORMS
Generation of special MIS reports from the integrated system.
Additional Reports for auditing and reconcillation purpose.

Evaluation of all the systems developed to provide more informative and
flexible queries from the integrated system.
Cost Analysis System developed and generation of net profit of the
by analysis of source and application of funds.
Maintenance of all the applications developed.

Application DBA Soltware : Developer/2000, appling patches to update
Developer/2000 forms and reports, calling Oracle for various problems
downloading patches from their FTP protocol.
Created database and resized dababase files by expanding or shrinking
gain unused space, granting database priviledges, tune SQL, PL/SQL
statements to diagnose problems.

Created Indexes and views for better performances.
Trouble shooting of printer problems.
Developed PL/SQL scripts for procedures to import data from vendor

Conversion from existing database to new Database.

(Period : As Per Requirement)

Data Conversion of All system from existing database to new database &
implementation of new software.
i.e. Upgrading oracle database from 6.0 to 7.2.3.
User traning, support and varification of various modules and reports
Development of additional MIS reports and maintainance of all the
Integration of All System with FA.

1) Advertisement Scheduling, Publishing, Billing System.

Role Sr. Programmer Team size : 3

Project Outline : The Software aims at Online Acceptance of
and its accouting and analysis of business and market trends :
Advt's are accepted and published after checkting the space
availability and
party's outstanding dues.
Pre-Paid Ad's are verified from F/A system.
Billing is done for the Ad's published on any combination of multiple
editions for any no. of insertions.
The calculation of bill amount depends upon various criteria's.
Generation of edition wise Schedules, various analysis reports and
related to Advt. Business/Revenue/Debtors, daily tracking of missed
Ad's and
comparative study of Advt's published in different Newspaers and many
MIS reports and very flexible and informative online Query forms.
Integration of advertisement system with F/A system.
Implementation of 4 projects developed.
Creation of New database objects converting from the old database.
Fine tuning of the program units and database objects and optimization.
User training and verification of all the application developed.

2) Payroll & Personnel Management System

Role Sr.Programmer Team size : 2

Project Outline :
Generation of Monthly Payslips of all the different types of employees.
Maintenance of Leave Records of the employees.
Maintaining database for Service details, Personal details, Educational
Other details of the employees.
Generation of Monthly/Yearly statement of PF, Income Tax, ESIC,
and other Half Yearly and Yearly Returns. Finally generation of new

3) Advertisement Recovery Accounting System

Role Sr.Programmer Team size : 3
(Period : SEP-98 to NOV-99)

Project Outline :
It deals with maintainance of individual advertisers account and their
outstanding position and generating various types of outstnading
The system is directly linked with advertisement and billing system.
The system allowes entry of various different types of transactions
such as
Receipts Entry with reference to valid bills, On A/C receipt entry,
Updation of On A/C receipt to adlust bills, Real Debit/Credit Note
Internal Debit/Credit Note Entry (On A/C or Against Bill), Internal
Debit/Credit Note appropriation, JV Entry.
Receipts are accepted in cash as well as thru bank. Cash transactions
accepted in F/A module and are transferred into Recovery module thru a
transfer procedure Other details are updated in the Recovery module.
Real Dr./Cr. notes, JV's are intered in the Recovery module and a
datewise / bankwise is transferred to F/A module. Int. Dr./Cr. notes
transferred individually. If any branch rcpts are entered, then on
basis, system generates a int.debit note for branches.
The system does not allow to update any entry for correction. For that
purpose resp. Dr.Note/Cr.Note adjestment entry can be entered.
The system takes care of all the Inter Departmental / Inter Branches
transactions related with the advt. published and for that purpose
Dr.Note/Cr.Note are entered giving reference of the F/A Code.
Various different types of books of A/c's Ledger, Outstanding
Summary reports, reconcillation reports, other analysis and MIS reports
generated from the system. Very flexible and informative Query forms
with graphical representation are also provided for the management.
The system comprises of 5-6 very complex entry forms, 35-40 output
3-4 very flexible Query forms.

4) Financial Accounting System.

Role Programmer Team size : 3

All type of Journal Voucher related to Purchase, Expenses,
By Cash/Bank, MJV's, Dr.Notes / Cr. Notes etc.
Payments all allowed to only thru link references if any.
Generation of Main/Sub Ledgers, Main/Sub Trial Balances, Profit and
Statements and other Reconcillation reports.
Automatic generation of TDS payment voucher on monthly basis.
Purchase and Sale of Fixed Assets and preparation of Yearly
Chart for Balance Sheet.
Integration of Circulation System, Newsprint Accounting System, Store
Inventory Management System with the F/A System.
Development of MIS system by way of Cost Analysis, Fund Flow
Projected Expenses and Cost Analysis, Generation Of Balance Sheet

5) Newsprint Purchase, Consumption and Wastage Accounting.

Role Programmer Team size : 3

The Software deals with accounting of :
Purchase of newprint from different suppliers.
The Stock Master is to be maintained separately for each newsprint
Daily Newsprint consumption (makewise) and posting to Newsprint Ledger.
Consumption chart with cost analysis at any time. The consumption of
on FIFO basis. Integration with F/A System and Circulation System.
Analysis reports pertaining to Newsprint Wastages, MIS reports, ABC
reports and summaries etc.

6) Newsprint Distribution, Billing & Recovery System.

Role Programmer Team size : 3

The Software aims generation of Print-Order (Route-wise/Edition-wise)
maintaining ledger accounts of distribution agents including following
The generation of Bills for the copies distributed by each
Accounting of A/c's Receivables and Payables.
Generation of reports involving records pertaining to Bills, Receipts,
Debit/Credit Notes and ledger balances of each agents etc.

7) Stores and Inventory Accounting System.

Role Programmer Team size : 3

The Software aims at generation of Integrated Material Management
which includes following modules:-
Entry and generation of requisition slip, Purchase Orders, Goods
Bills Received, Payment of Bills etc.
Consumption and closing stock calculation on the FIFO method and
of Item-wise Stock Balance.
Automatic generation of purchase orders when the closing stock falls
reorder level.
Automatic generation of Purchase Vouchers in the F/A system, based on
reorder quantity reports.
Printing of reports related to purchase register, pending other list,
wise Stockregister etc.
Issuing of materials from main stores to different depts and costing of
items issued on FIFO method.
It supports ABC analysis and re-order quantity and Economic order
for Inventory.

Previous Experience Summary :-

I am working with Lokmat since MAY-94 as a Tr. Programmer and elevated
the Post of Programmer in APR-95. From May-94 to OCT-97, I have
in the development of various application packages required by the
from time to time (Including all the projects mentioned above) under
Ver 6.0 using Forms 2.3, Sql*Report and Report writer, Pro*C and SQL
under Unix. Also I have contributed in the development of various
application packages in FOXPRO 2.6 under Novell Netware 2.2.
With the introduction of multi tasking environment and GUI, in the
month of
Mar'96 the company opted to re-develop all the applications usings GUI
Developer-2000 and back-end Oracle 7.2.3. database under Digital Unix
4.3 B.
The New System was finalized after considering various other options.
In the Month of Mar'96 all the existing application and data were
to the new computer system in Oracle 7.2.3 with bundled tools forms
Report-writer, Pro*C, Sql*Report etc. Subsequently, development was
using Develop/2000 after establing its connectivity with Oracle 7.2.3
Database on Digital Alpha Server.

From Oct-92 to Apr-94, I was employed with Lokmat (Not on Payoll) as a
"On Job Trainee" and was assigned the job of user problems and system
study of the following system.

1) Advertisement Scheduling & Billing System.
2) Recovery/Account Receivable System.
3) Circulation, Billing & Account Receivable System.
4) Integrated Financial Accounting System.
5) Payroll & Personal Management System.
6) Marketing Survey System.
7) Library System.
8) Production Planning & Control System.
9) MIS System For Senior Managemnts & Executives.

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Suresh Krishnaswamy
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Junior Member

Address for Communication E-mail:
# 59, Jayasimmapuram, sureshkrishna_is@indiainfo.com
P.N.Palayam, suresh_krishna@hotmail.com
Tamilnadu, India
Phone: + 91-422-218423


Seeking a challenging career in the IT industry as a Software Engineer utilizing and enhancing my technical, analytical and managerial skills

Summary of qualifications

· Total IT experience of 2+ years

· Post graduate in Computer Communication

· Oracle Certified Professional in Oracle 8i (Architecture and Administration)

· Brainbench Certified Oracle 8 Database Administrator

· Strong exposure in Oracle 8i Administration

· Excellent interpersonal communication skills

· Ability to work in a team environment, emphasizing team goals over personal goals

Work experience

Current Assignment
As a Database Administrator at PT Indonesia Epson Industry at Jakarta, Indonesia.

Designation: Consultant
Role: Oracle DBA
March 2001- till date Logica Off shore services Bangalore, Karnataka

Designation: Software Consultant
Role: Oracle DBA
March 2000 – March 2001 MDC Infoway Ltd Bangalore, Karnataka

Designation: Programmer/Analyst
Role: Team Member & Jr.Oracle DBA
Nov 1998 - Feb 2000 Americom Solutions Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

Technical Skills

Operating System : MS-DOS 6.22, Windows 9x/2000, Windows NT
DBMS/RDBMS : Oracle 8i (Administration), MS-Access, MS SQL Server 7.0
Languages : VisualBasic, C, C++
Packages : FoxPro 2.5

Training & Workshops Attended

· Underwent Training in Oracle 8i DBA conducted by DDEORG Systems, Baroda
· Attended workshop "Working in Multicultural Skills" conducted by GM Academy for Leadership Skills organized by MDC Infoway Ltd.
· Attended a 3 day training programme in Pro*C at STG, Bangalore organized by Logica

Professional experience

Current Project
Title/Activity : Infrastructure Management
Client : PT. Indonesia Epson Industry
Team : 4
Duration : Underway
Role : Database Administrator
Platform : MS-SQL server 7.0, Oracle 8.0.5 on Windows NT clusters
Description : The responsibility is to propose a to-be infrastructure after studying the current complete infrastructure setup and implement it along with the day-to-day activities of maintaining the databases on Oracle and SQL server. The DBA activities include daily backups, user and space management and performance tuning. I was also involved in assisting developers in normalization of the tables in the database and SQL tuning.

Title : Dealernet
Client : MDC Infoway Ltd
Team size : 15
Duration : 10 months
Role : Database Design, Backend programming
Platform : JSP, Java and Oracle 8.1.5 on Windows NT
Description : A web based B2B portal and product for managing the Supply Chain between a manufacturing company and its customers. The customers may include dealers, depots, c/f agents and the end customer. This product has five modules categorized as Stock maintenance, Purchase maintenance, Scheme and Discount maintenance, Marketing management and Administration. The Database is managed using Oracle 8i Server. There are 250 tables and about 30 columns in each and 37 users. My responsibilities included database design, database creation, forming a backup strategy and implementing it. I was also involved in configuring a standby database and performance tuning of the database.

Title : Questionbank
Client : Department of Edn Tech, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
Team size : 9
Period : 5 months
Role : System Analysis, Design, Development & Testing
Platform : Visual Basic 6.0/Oracle 8.0 on WINDOWS NT
Description : This project involves generation of questions from a set of questions as determined by the examiner taking as inputs classifying into various levels, choices and the discriminative power and difficulty level of each item. It also enables a student to take up an online examination and evaluate the results. This project has three modules question generation, question paper setting and online testing. The database is managed using Oracle 8 server. There are about 60 tables and 15 users. This project has been successfully implemented.

Title : Integrated Inventory
Client : Shanthi Trading Corporation, Coimbatore
Team size : 6
Role : Design & Development
Period : 6 months
Platform : Visual Basic 5.0/Oracle 7.3 on WINDOWS NT
Description : This project keeps track of a complete flow of enquiry, quotation, order placement and invoicing. It provides reports in the form of letters and statements. It maintains the overall inventory of the company, checking for the reorder quantity and notifies the production department for the minimum quantity of the stock to be maintained.

Title : Stock maintenance and billing
Client : Roots India Ltd., Coimbatore
Team size : 2
Role : Development
Period : 5 months
Platform : Visual Basic 5.0/MS-Access on WINDOWS'95
Description : This project keeps track of all details of a particular item like current balance quantity, value and rate in the inventory. It includes the information of material inward note from suppliers, issues to different departments and rejections to the suppliers, if any. This provides various reports like stock statement between any periods along with billing.


Master's degree in Computer Communication
1996 - 1998 Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
1992 - 1995 VLB Janaki Ammal College, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
Bharathiar University

Higher Secondary AISSCE-92
1991 - 1992 Kendriya Vidyalaya, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

1989 - 1990 Kendriya Vidyalaya, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu


Oracle Certified Professional in Oracle 8i (Architecture and Administration) with 88%.
Brainbench Certified Oracle 8 Database Administrator
Transcript ID: 1219189

Paper Presented

ATM Communications

Professional membership

CSI Member from 1996 to 1998

Extracurricular activities

· Member of School Cricket Team
· Member of School & College Quiz Team
· Member of Interact Club

Personal profile

Date of Birth & Age: 20/08/1975, 25 Yrs

Sex: Male

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Indian

Passport details - No A8166447 Valid upto: 25-08-2009

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Vikram Thakur
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Having more than Six years of experience in the Information system industry. A sound knowledge in implementation Oracle Relational Database Management System in different environments - Solaris, Unix and NT.
Specialized in the Oracle RDBMS in Oracle (Server technologies) Version 7.3.4, 8.0.x and 8.1.5(8i), Oracle Application Server(OAS) 4.0.3 and Oracle Co-Operative Development Environment (CDE) tools.Database monitoring utility like Spotlight for Oracle was also used extensively for monitoring multiple databases and also, utilities like Citrix (ASP tool) were utilized to gain access to multiple applications from thousand's of concurrent users from remote sites.

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Feyi Gbotemi
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I need some informations on Varification Of Fixed Asset in Accounting system.

Please furnishe me with all necessary detail
I will be glad if you can reply immediately.



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satish m surana
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I am satish Surana from India. I have design, develop and maintain a good fix asset System.
On which area you want help.

Ok bye


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Messages: 2
Registered: November 2001
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 Over 3+ years of experience in Client/Server environment as ORACLE DBA/ Developer on HP-UNIX, Sun Solaris, WINDOWS NT in supporting Production, Test and Development systems
 Performed Backup Schedules/Disaster Recovery, Consistency Monitoring, Disk Management, User Administration, Performance Tuning and Query Optimization.
 Created many Databases and Tables, Views, Indexes, Clusters, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Packages.
 Strong in RDBMS Concepts and Architecture
 Experienced in all phases of SDLC from Analysis through Testing/Implementation


Master’s in Computer Applications

Hardware Pentiums
OS HP-UNIX, Sun Solaris , Windows NT/98/95
RDBMS Oracle 8.x/7.x
GUI Developer 2000, VB, MS-Access
Languages SQL, PL/SQL
TOOLS SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, Exp/Imp


SSI-Technologies Apr’2001 to Present

Hofinsoft Services limited Aug’1998 – Apr’2001

Mohan Breweries and Distilleries Ltd Apr’1998 – Aug‘1998

Project Details

Project : JMDS
Client : NASDAQ - Japan
Organization : SSI Technologies, SEI - CMM Level 5 Company
Role : Database Administration
Front-end :
Back-end : Oracle 8.1.7/8.1.5 on Sun Solaris/Windows NT
Data access :
Duration : Since 11/4/2001

JMDS, Japanese Market Data Server is a Distributed Database with Data warehousing and decision support system used by the NASDAQ JAPAN business team for customer billing and to arrive at critical business decisions based on various reports and data patterns that could be identified in the data marts built on the historical data. This data warehouse is designed to hold the last 10 years of trading data on the system. Usage of the star schema to enable snow flaking on the data, the usage of bitmap indexing to identify data patterns with ease, the construction of data marts with table partitioning to enable parallel query execution are some of the salient features of the system.

The activities involved were,

 Creating & Maintaining Multi Character set Databases. (Japanese and English)
 Space management
 Requirement study and a technical presentation of the JMDS proposal to the NASDAQ JAPAN business team.
 Effort and cost estimation for the project.
 Analysis and Detailed design of datamarts used for various report generations
 Backup and the Application /Error Log standard routines for tracking the errors being raised the Packages while deriving the data from the Database Tables for the Reports using PL/SQL features.
 Scheduling of the Packaged Procedures through the Operating System Scheduler
 Installation of Oracle Products for the developers
 Creation of database tables with proper storage managements
 Data transfer between different locations and different servers (Distributed databases).
 Setting up the NLS_LANG parameters for client configuration for the database character set
 Estimating the space for two years of data and implementing the same.
 Setting up development environment and Integration test environment with multi character sets.
 Providing guidance and technical assistance to the team members during the development phase

Zuari Industries Limited (GOA) Jan’2001– Apr-2001

Project : Corrosion and Inspection Management System (CIMS) (ONSITE)

TECH ENV: SUN Solaris 2.x,Win NT, ORACLE 8.x, ODBC, VB
 Performed system study, requirements analysis, database design and development
 Installation and Configuration of Oracle 8.x Server and Client for Prototype system
 Creating and maintaining table spaces and rollback segments
 Setting up new user login accounts and access rights
 Creating database objects like tables, indexes, views, triggers, etc.
 Planning and implementation of Backup and Recovery Strategies

Nuclear Power Corporation OCT 2000 – Dec 2000

Project : Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) (ONSITE)

TECH ENV: Win NT, ORACLE 8.x, Developer 2000

 Installation of Oracle 8.0.4 in Win NT.
 Creating and maintaining table spaces and rollback segments
 Setting up new user login accounts and access rights
 Creating objects like tables, indexes, clusters, user profiles and auditing the database
 Storage management, Data mirroring and Data Loading using SQL Loader
 Planning and Implementation Security, Backup and Recovery Strategies
 Application tuning using cost based and rule based techniques, Explain Plan, SQL trace, TKPROF and database tuning using dynamic tables and Oracle views (UTLBSTAT and UTLESTAT)

Reliance Petroleum Limited July 2000 – Sep 2000

Project : Permit System

TECH ENV: Win NT, ORACLE 8.0.4 / VB 6.0

 Installation of Oracle 8.14 in Win NT.
 Creating back up Plans.
 Creating and maintaining table spaces and rollback segments
 Creating tables, indexes, views, clusters, stored procedures, profiles and auditing the database
 Setting up new user login accounts and access rights
 Regular Security, Backup and Recovery Strategies.
 Application tuning using cost based and rule based techniques, creating procurement data marts.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Aug’98 – July’2000
Project :Integrated Material Management System (IMMS) (ONSITE)
Locations : Karaikal, Rajahmundry, Chennai

TECH ENV: HP UNIX, Windows NT4.0 , Oracle 7.3, Developer 2000

DBA/Developer /Implementation Team Leader
- Installation and Configuration of Oracle RDBMS software by setting various parameters
- Creating physical and logical design of database, with the maximum performance and
Enforcing security on different hard disks
- Created many Shell scripts in sh (Bourne Shell) for application testing
- Creating tables, indexes and clusters and Creating profiles and auditing the database
- Preparing the best strategy for backup and recovery for on line database in archive log mode.
- Recover the databases from all types of backups
- Recovery of table spaces with cancel based recovery
- Implementation of IMMS and User Training
- Loading of existing COBOL data into our System thru SQL * Loader
- Setting up Clients In all the location & connectivity check thru Modem

Mohan Breweries and Distilleries Ltd Mar 98 – Aug ’98

Material Information System

Description: This system helped to receive the All Invoice & materials from the customers and send it to the Accounts departments & Stores. After updating the status of Invoice by getting the Invoice Report from the concerned officials, the action taken is informed to the Company.

 Responsible for DBA activities such as application tuning, taking backup, and adding database users
 The database was imported into Oracle from flat files Using SQL * Loader
 Created the database scripts for the application
 Setting up new user login accounts and access rights

Before Joining as a Programmer in Mohan Breweries and Distilleries Limited
a project was done from Nov’97 to Feb-98 as part of our Curriculum

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I am certified oracle DBA and would like to considered for that post.
Please reply me soon.

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Rakesh Kodag

( * rkodag@yahoo.com

Current Employer: Software Elements India Pvt Ltd

Career Objectives

To work for a high achievement oriented company in a role that suits my current profile and furthers my career path. In the process I want to grow both professionally and personally.

Experience and Skills Summary

More than 4 years experience in the IT Industry and have good exposure to Linux / Unix / NT / Oracle Products. Have specialized in Oracle Database Administration.

Skill Sets


Unix: HP-UX 9.0/10.2
SUN: Solaris 5.6,Red Hat Linux 6.1
Windows: Windows NT, Windows9X

Intel Machines
HP-9000 Servers
Digital-ALPHA server

ORACLE 7.x / 8.x / 8i
Db Tools

Oracle Enterprises Manager
DBA studio
Designer 200

SQL* Plus
SQL Loader
SQL Reports

Activities as a DBA

Have shouldered the following responsibilities over the last 4 years

Installation, Maintenance, Tuning and Up-gradation of multiple Oracle Databases Systems in both development and production environments

Upgrading and maintaining Oracle Applications and Smart Client used to manage Manufacturing and Financial systems

Creation of users and management of their Privileges

Devised and implemented Database Backup strategies and automation of backups

Administration, Maintenance and Up-gradation of Oracle V8+ Database Systems running under HP / UX and NT environments

Tuning Databases to maximize transaction throughput using Oracle Enterprise Manager tool and other third party utilities

Provide performance reports and write SQL scripts for assisting tuning efforts

Proactively recommending new applications and services which would improve productivity

Assist in installing OPFS High Availability options to minimize down time for system upgrade and maintenance

Installation of Oracle on local and remote servers

Creation of data-models

Re-organization of database for better performance after carefully studying performance statistics

Reverse engineering on Databases

Rebuilding schema s as per developer’s recommendations

Database Monitoring for performance and space utilization as a Daily Routine Checking for invalid objects and validating them

Automation of routine activities

IT Related Work Experience

Current Organization: Software Elements Pvt Ltd

Duration: Feb 1997 - till date

Designation: Sr. Oracle DBA

Job Profile: Oracle DBA

About Software Elements Pvt Ltd:

Software Elements is the Business partner of Oracle Corporation and have tied up with the Red Hat for Linux in India. The Company provides consultancy services for clients in Oracle Database Administration, Installation of Oracle products and undertakes annual SEOSS (Software Elements Support Service) from clients seeking Oracle support. The company has expertise in giving onsite and offsite support to clients in installation, tuning and disaster recovery.

Other Experience

Have worked for more than 4 years as a Project Manager in Flash Point Engineering in their Boiler Division


Team player

Sense of responsibility

Inquisitive mind

Creative and resourceful

Excellent skills in communication and collaboration

Personal Details

Address: 11,Hill-View apartment Plot No 10 Lokmanya Nagar Thane (w)

Date of Birth: 17-07-1969

Marital Status: Married

Academic Qualification and Training

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from B.V.V.S Engineering Collage Bagalkot Karnataka

Diploma in Oracle Database Administration From Boston’s Computer Institute, Pune
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Amit Nigam
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work hard. accepting challeng in the software field and trus on god is my key concept.
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E-mail :mishra900@mailcity.com
C/o Suprada Softech Ltd,
DurgaDevi Sankeerna,
Durgadevi Temple Cross,Dharawar,
Ph :444637

OBJECTIVE : To explore suitable position in the world of software with specific interest in the post of Programmer as already having 2-years experience in Java2.0 as GUI Technology and Oracle-8I as Backend with D2K.Currently
I am working with Microsoft’s just Released .NET Technology in Suprada Softech Ltd as e-CRM Developer since last 6-Months.


Project (1) :
Title : Sales Order Information System
Client : K.M.P LTD
Software : JAVA2.0 with ORACLE 8.0 as Backend
Team Size : 3
Description : The aim of the project was to computerize the whole
Sale order information system .It is mainly divided
Into four parts. They are as follows:
1.Order Transaction Maintenance
2.Customer Maintenance
3.Challan Maintenance
4.Invoice preparation
This package has been developed for K.M.P LTD in order to maintain all the records in it sale department as well as all the transaction done with proper security specification.

Project (2) :
Title : Pay Roll System with attendance and leave
Client : BSE, Orissa
Software : JAVA2.0 with ORACLE 8.0 as Backend
Team Size : 3
Description : This package has been developed for BSE ,Orissa
irrespective of allowance and no of deduction used
to calculate salary .User can fees any no of
allowance ,deductions and the calculations methods
in the other part of the module ,it maintains the
attendance and leaves of the employees.

Project (3) :

Title : Office Automation
Client : Cuttack Collectrate Office
Software : JAVA2.0 with ORACLE 8.0 as Backend
Team Size : 3
Description : This package has been developed for Cuttack
collectorate Office,Cuttack.It is an office Automation
project. It records all the information of the office,like
application details,applicants details,responsible
officer,etc.it produces different types of forms and
reports also.it is user friendly and flexible package.
Project (4):

Title : Sale Order Information System
Client : Bharat Gas Agency
Software : CoreJava2.0 includes JDBC and Swing
Components,Oracle8 as Back end Software
Team Size : 2
Description: This is a Project regarding the Transactions of
“ Bharat Gas Agency,Bangalore. ”
This Project has three main Modules, namely
1) Master Entry
2) Transaction
3) Reports
Any Addition or insertions of new Records are to be made through first module. Other Transactions can be made through the second module; the Third module can be used to generate Reports.
In Second Module other Transactions like viewing the Exiting Record, Deleting a record, modifying a record can be done. A record can be viewed and if this record no more needed then it can be deleted directly by just pressing the delete button.
The Modification of a record can be done directly by making a choice to modify from Transaction menus or it can be viewed first and then clicking the Button modify it can be modified.
For any deletion or modification the record number or booking number should be given first.

Project (5):
Title : Airline Reservation & Enquiry

Software : Java2.0 including RMI, JDBC, Servlets_Applet Communication and ORACLE 8.0 as Database.
Team Size : 2
Description : This package has been developed for Airline Reservation and Airline Inquiry in the Airline. This project is ready to be implemented in any Air Station. This package constitutes
1.Enquiry about Airbus with Destinations
2.Air Travelers Inquiry and Status
3.Reservation Status
4.Departure Timing and Arrival Timing.
This Package Still under development in SISI_WISE. I am planning to implement CreditCard Validation while applying for an Air Reservation.
This Transaction will include Checking the Checking for Validation Checking about the Current Status in the ATM bank. This Project implements RMI for Getting all short of Inquiry as Remote Objects and uses Applet_Servlet communication for getting the Results.

Project (6):
Title : College Automation
Software : Java2.0 with JavaServlets, Jdbc
Team Size : 3
Description : This package has been developed for College Automation which includes Students Details ,Staff Details and their online Transactions through their intranet. This package includes
1) Student Maintenance including their individual results, library book maintenance for the students etc.
2) Staffs including Faculty, for their day to day necessities including application for Leave, application for Promotion etc
3) Major Role played by this package is maintaining the all sorts of requests for the Head of the Institutions, PRINCIPAL of the College to deal with all situations through its principal database and post its responses.
4) For developing this project I have used the software java & Advanced java, which includes Java Sevlets, HTML, Jdbc by using the most advanced CONNECTION POOLING Technique with the help of JAVAWEBSERVER2.0.


Educational : Bachelor of engineering(Electrical)
From Bangalore University,Bangalore.
Professional : Diploma in Computer application from Baftek
computer education,Cuttack,Orissa..

Three and Half months special training on Oracle 8
With Developer 2000 from SQL star International
Ltd, Bhubaneswar, Orissa.Authorised training center for Oracle Corporation.

Fifteen Days undergone Special Training on Software
Engineering Project Management and Software
Quality standards and Assessment Under the
Guidance of Mr. Prof S.S. Shesdhari , IISc.in
SISI_WISE, Bangalore,Karnataka,India.

6 months training in E-Web Designing and Programming in SISI_WISE, Bangalore,Karnataka.

Currently working as Technical Coordinator,since last 1Year in Suprada Softech Ltd, Bangalore,Karnataka.

Operating System : MS-DOS, Unix, WindowsNT4.0,Windows2000 server
Languages : C,C++,Java2.0,Advanced Java,C#, SQL,PL/SQL
GUI : Borland C++,D2k,.NET,Advanced C#
RDBMS : Oracle 8.0i,Ms-Access
SERVER Programming : Java Servlets,ASP,ASP.NET
Scripting Language : HTML,JavaScript,XML
Application Package : Ms-Office,VB.NET
Database Administration : Oracle8.0 DBA

Date of Birth : 26th February 1975
Sex : Male
Passport Details : A6812977 dated 15th April 1999
Valid upto 14th April 2009.

(Biswa Ranjan Mishra)
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Dear sir,

I have 6+ yrs of experience in IT Industries and
for the last 4 yrs working as ORACLE DBA.. Expecting good opportunities from you
with regards
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Faisal Ghaffar
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Dear Sir/madam

I am sending to you my cv in MS.Word format.
Having 4+ years experience in the requested field.
Waiting for your response.

Status: UK work permit holder

Faisal Ghaffar.
Mobile: 07814964415
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Dibya Bhusan Pattnaik
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N1/162, I.R.C. VILLAGE,
Nayapali, Bhubaneswar,
751015, Orissa, India.
#(0674) 556899
E-mail: dibya_plus@yahoo.com


Seeking an opportunity to develop my skills in IT field & contribute my knowledge & techniques to the esteem organization.


A computer graduate with 1 years of programming and project development experience. Data Base Administration particularly in ORACLE is the area of his interest. In depth exposure to VB environment. Comfortable with RDBMS such as ORACLE, SQL-Server, Ms-Access as Back-End. Formal awareness of Internet concepts and languages such as Java, HTML, ASP, JAVA Script, VB Script & related administrative activities.


Operating system Win 95, Win 98, NT
Database as Backend Ms-Access,SQL-Server, Oracle 7.X,Oracle 8.X, Oracle8i
Database Administration Oracle 8i (Presently going with it)
GUI Language VB 6.0, JAVA(Core level)
INTERNET language VB script, Java Script, ASP
MARKUP language HTML
Server Administration PWS, IIS 4.0.
Front - End Tool MS-FrontPage, Interdev Studio
Reporting Tool MS-Access Report, Data Report


Organization : INTERRA IT.
Client : CASSINI
Team Size : 3
Software : ASP, HTML, IIS4.0 and SQL Server 7.0.
Role : Coding & making reports
Duration : 6 months
Description : We had designed and developed a web based Bug Report system. It helps in maintaining the complete life cycle of bugs in any software. It allows testers to report bugs. Administrators to verify / cancel / assign bugs to developers. Developers receive the bug and report the status back
2. Title : Jewellery Management System.
Organisation : CIMS, Bhubaneswar
Client : Jyotsna Alankar, Bhubaneswar
Team Size : 3
Software : SQL SERVER 7.0, VB 6.0 & Data Report
Role : Coding & making reports
Duration : 4 months
Description : The project covers from gold purchasing to making ornaments, counter management, selling, staff payment etc.


1. Training at INTERRA IT, NOIDA (U.P) from 1st March-2000 to 31st July-2000.
2. Working as a Lecturer in SILICON INSTITUTE OF TECHOLOGY (till date)


2001 : ORACLE 8i Enterprise Edition DBA Programme from Oracle Corporation at SQL STAR INTERNATIONAL, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, INDIA.


2. Bachelor of Science from RAVENSHAW COLLEGE (AUTONOMOUS), Cuttack under UTKAL UNIVERSITY, ORISSA with 74% in the year 1996.
3. PUC (PCM) from VIKRAM DEB COLLEGE, Jeypore under COUNSIL OF HIGHER SECONDARY EDUCATION, ORISSA with 74% in the year 1993.
4. H.S.C from UPPER KOLAB PROJECT HIGH SCHOL, Irrigation Colony under BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION, ORISSA with 70% in the year 1991.
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s.prithiba sri
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we obtained knowledge through your above described projects.we are interested to know more details about computerising a collectrate office regarding pension analysis.
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i need job of oracle dba
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Address: 41 Winchester Ave
NW9 9TA.
Tel: 020 82042398
Cell: 079 39754710
E-Mail: keyur_c_shah@yahoo.com

A professionally trained Database Administrator with extensive experience and ability to take on new challenges.
Valuable experience has been gained in a demanding and challenging work environment where qualities gained include:
· Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills.
· Solution oriented, resourceful, performing well under pressure.
· Confident in own ability to meet targets and deadlines whilst maintaining high quality output.
· Able to work alone, yet a relish working as part of a team is punctual and reliable.
· Motivating and able to develop staff skills.

Operating Systems: Win9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, XP, and Unix.
Software Packages: Ms-Office 97 and Ms-Office 2000.
Programming Languages: C, C++, Java (Core & Enterprise Edition).
Database Technologies: Oracle 8.i (SQL and PL/SQL), SQL SERVER.
Web Technologies: JSP, WAP, Servlet Programming.

2002-2003 SouthBank University (have been studying)
Msc Inerternet and Database Systems
1997-2001 Sardar Patel University (India)
B. E. Computer
1996-1997 C. D. Patel High School
H.S.C in Science
1994-1995 C.D. Patel High School
S.S.C in Science

June-2002 Oracle 8i Certified Professional Database Administrator
July-2002 Sun Certified Java Programmer

July-2001 to Feb-2002 Worked as MIS Executive/Programmer in Henley Industries (I)
The work involves creating database and preparing reports using
Crystal Reports. Also prepared project module for the Company in
Java and Oracle for its production operation in Nigeria.
Feb-2002 to Aug-2002 Worked as Database Administrator in Soft Link. The work Involves
administration, performance tuning ,database recovery and
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Dear Sir,

I am M.Satya amarnath having Total IT exp is 5+yrs.
Relavant exp in Oracle DBA is 3+yrs.

I am waiting for your earnest reply.


Satya Amarnath M.
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Mahesh Rajendran
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First, the posting is atleast 4 years old.
Second, posting your resume in public forum is not a very good idea.
Thread locked.
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