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#49,1st MAIN
H.S.B.C Layout, Sreegandadakaval
Nagarabhavi II stage, Bangalore 560091, India
Contact Numbers: 9844005662
: 91-080-56954668
Email: jaga_nagaraj@yahoo.co.in

Career Objective

To excel in the field of Data Warehousing Development, Design and Working with
Data Warehouse Tools like ETL (Informatica), OLAP Tools (Cognos, Business Objects).
To contribute in this field of purist by keeping in touch with the latest technological
Developments in the field and productively Contribute towards growth of the Organization.

Academic Profile

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, With Frist Class 61.5 % from
Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan.University of Mysore - 2000.

Work Summary

Total 3+ years of overall experience in Information Technology, which includes
15 months with hands-on experience in Data Warehousing development by working on ETL tool (Informatica) and OLAP tools (Cognos, Business Objects).
And 1 year 11 months of experience in Oracle 8i Data Base Administration / Solaris 8 System Administration.

Professional Summary

Organization Designation Duration
Dominus Software, Bangalore, Software Engineer OCT-2002 to till date
Xtelligence Systems ,Bangalore DBA/System Admin OCT-2000 to SEP-2002

Skill Set

Operating System Solaris 8, Windows-95/98/NT & MS-DOS
Languages Cobol, Java, T-SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++
Web Technology HTML, DHTML, FrontPage 2000
Data Base Oracle 8i /9i ,MS-Access, MS-SQL Server 7.0
GUI Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
OLAP Tools Business Objects 5.1, Cognos
ETL Tools Informatica 5.1 (Power Center)

Domain Expertise

Order Process Management & Insurance.

Project Details

Organization: Dominus Software

Title BWom
Client Aunger Carcraft
Platform Informatica 5.1, Business Objects 5.1, Oracle 8i, Solaris
Role Team Member
Team Size 12
Duration Mar-03 to Till Date

This provides Enterprise wide DWH solutions to User on Order & Invoice Processing to Aunger Carcraft with 1 million to 25 million USD which deals in export of
Head light guards, weather shields, bonnet protectors, petrol caps etc,

Data from Operational Sources are Extracted, Related, Transformed and Loaded into the Oracle Data Warehouse using ETL tool (Informatica Power Center 5.1). Business data from source system were fed into Dimension and Fact using Relational Sources. Business Objects 5.1 (OLAP Tool) provides Decision Support to Business Community based on the Reports Developed by End-Users such as actual billings by store for the week/month/quarter/year using Aggregate tables.


„« Developed Mappings in Informatica Power Center 5.1.1 for extracting the data from Operational Data Source, Transform the data using Filter, Expressions and Stored Procedures then load to Oracle data Warehouse.
„« Plan and Analyze the Data, Loading the data into the Database and Testing the Data.
„« Developed Connected LKP transformation to Look-Up target Dimension by using particular column.
„« Developed UPD Strategy transformation for loading data into target Dimension which match LKP Condition.
„« Documentation as per quality standards for various phases of the project.
„« Maintenance of the existing mapping/session, code and data.
„« Involved in documentation and support to End-Users.
„« Involved in maintenance and production support for the entire system.

Organization: Dominus Software

Title Insurance Agency System ( eIWIAS )
Client Thakafull Insurance, Malaysia
Platform Informatica 5.1, Business Objects 5.1, Oracle 8i,Solaris
Role Team Member
Team Size 12
Duration OCT-2002 To FEB-2003

Project Summary:

Developed Insurance Agency System (IAS), this system contains details of Agents functioning under the Organization.
The primary objective of this project is to provide enterprise wide data warehousing solutions for top-level executives and to a large extent for operational users also. Data from various online transaction processing (OLTP) applications and sources is selectively extracted, related, transformed and loaded into the Oracle data warehouse using Informatica Power Mart ETL tool. Then the transformed data from data warehouse is loaded into Data Marts to provide Business Intelligence. The end users can create reports using Business objects over intranet/internet with the help of Web Intelligence

„« Created and maintained Oracle Database warehouse and mapping those business entities to Data Mart.
„« Implemented dimensional models for the Clients Which are having many dimension tables for each star schema
„« Involved in Database programming such as writing SQL Queries and
„« Created set of reusable transformations.
„« Created data mappings to extract data from different source files, transform the data using filters, expressions and stored procedures then load to Oracle data warehouse
„« Validating the Mappings, Generating & Loading the Data

Organization: Xtelligence Systems

Client Indian Oil Corporation, B¡¦lore
Platform Oracle 8i, Solaris 8
Role Oracle DBA / Solaris System Admin
Team Size 10
Duration Sep-2001 to Sep-2002

Project Summary:

Database maintenance of Indian Oil Corporation¡¦s. Distribution Management. This Database contains Daily Transaction¡¦s of Dealers, Oil distributed and Sales. Primary objective of this Project is Maintenance and Monitoring database, taking backups, Recovering, Restoring Data and Achieving Maximum performance.


Database Administrator /Solaris System Admin

„« Installation of Oracle software, setting up initialization and configuration,
„« Planning, Designing and creating database layouts, Monitoring user connections
„« Creation and sizing of table spaces and setting table spaces
„« Adding control files and online redo log files, Providing help to end-users
„« Monitoring database server, taking Backup & Recovery.
„« Solaris Installation, Evaluating & Cataloging Hardware Requirements
„« Determining File System Structure & Disk partitions,
„« Patch and Package Administration.
„« Refining System Boot & Shutdown Procedures
„« Monitoring Group, User¡¦s Connections, Taking backups.

Organization:Xtelligence Systems

Client P.L.D Bank Hassan
Platform Oracle 8i, Solaris 8
Role Oracle DBA / Solaris System Admin
Team Size 10
Duration Oct-2000 to Oct-2001

Project Summary:

Database Maintenance of P,L,D Bank Hassan .This Database contains Daily Transaction¡¦s of Bank Customer¡¦s, Primary objective of this Project is Maintenance and Monitoring database, handling backups, Recovering, Restoring Data and Achieving Maximum performance.


Database Administrator /Solaris System Admin

„« Installation of Oracle software, Setting up initialization and configuration,
„« Planning, Designing and creatin
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dear sir,
I saw ur profile. I need two projects on COGNOS.Pls forward one resume format with this project.

Thanking U

Yours faithfully,
Re: Ppl required for Datawarehousing, Cognos, Informatica, Teradata , ETL - bang [message #108098 is a reply to message #106602] Tue, 21 December 2004 00:19 Go to previous message
Isaac S. Manoj Rajkumar
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Isaac S. Manoj Rajkumar

45/10,Shanthi Niketan Colony,
Thirumangalam, Annanagar West,

E-mail: isaac_manoj@yahoo.com
Mobile: 98404-87100

To be a part of an organization which provides a high quality of work life through challenging opportunities, a meaningful career growth and professional development.

Educational Qualifications:

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Computer Science).
University: Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.
Grade: First Class.
Course Period: 1999-2002

Currently pursuing:

Degree: Master of Science (Computer Science).
University: University of Madras, Chennai.
Course Period: 2003-2005


§ Certification in Computer Programming obtained from Carnegie Mellon university’s U.S.A

Carnegie Technology Education

Modules certified are:

ü Introduction to Information Systems
ü Introduction to Computer Systems
ü Object-Oriented Programming and Design
ü User-Centered Design and Testing
ü Data Structures and Algorithms

§ Certification in Software System Development from Carnegie Mellon University’s U.S.A

Carnegie Technology Education

Modules Certified are:

ü System-Level Programming
ü Database Systems
ü Networks and Distributed Computing
ü Software Project Organization and Management
ü Software Specification, Testing, and Maintenance.

Technical Skills:

Business Intelligence Tools: Cognos Reportnet Version 1.1

OLAP Tools: Cognos Series 7 Version 3 (Impromptu, Transformer, Powerplay, Visualizer),
Cognos Architect, Cognos Server Administration, Cognos Access manager components, Cognos Upfront.

Database: Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server 2000, and MS-Access.
Operating System: DOS, All Windows Platform.
Languages: Visual Basic 6.0, Java 6.0, JSP, SQL, and HTML.
Application Server: Apache Tomcat 4.1, IIS.
Packages: MS-Office Tools, RMI, and CORBA.

Work Experience:

Number of Years: 2.

Period: from Apr 2004 to till Date.

Working as a Junior Analyst for Symcon Global Technologies Pvt Ltd,
Chennai (a direct partner of COGNOS, U.S.A)

Project #1 : Migration from Impromptu Reports to Reportnet 1.1
Client : ITI, U.S.A
Role : Cognos Report Developer
Tools : Cognos Impromptu 7.3,Cognos Reportnet 1.1
Database : MS SQL Server 2000.

The ITI has been using the Cognos Impromptu Reports for their business analysis for the past year, now they want to improve their standard by publishing the reports in the web. So they choose Cognos Reportnet as their best solution for that and the Cognos itself had taken the project and gave it to us. So we directly worked with Cognos and generated 131 reports in Cognos Reportnet 1.1


§ Interacting with on-site coordinator of Cognos at every weekly client meeting on regular basis for resolving issues pertaining to the data delivered and special client requests.
§ Resolving any issues related to the current running reports.
§ Generating packages with the Data and build Tables and models in a business view and also adding join wherever necessary and also removing unnecessary circular joins.
§ Designing the report formats with a basic template of ITI given in Cognos Impromptu and generate reports using Cognos Reportnet.
§ Developing multiple Reportnet reports like List Reports, Cross-tab reports, and all types of chart reports using filters and queries and prompt page at the start.
§ And there are also some reports, which are combined by giving prompts in the Prompt page to select the report suing conditional block.

Project #2 : Spend Analysis
Client : Perfect Commerce, MO, U.S.A
Role : Cognos Report Developer
Tools : Cognos Reportnet 1.1
Database : MS SQL Server 2000

The Perfect Commerce delivers world class on-Demand Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Solutions and the Open Supplier Network (The OSN). This Project is to provide complete information for their client on the key performance indicators of the business, which would extract valuable information from a database and present it to the end user in a specific format, which facilitates easy analysis and quick decision-making.


§ Interaction with our company’s on-site coordinator at our headquarters U.S for the details about the Reports to be generated and send reports for the needs to be updated in the reports.
§ Generated reports based on the Spend Details of the each company in their database. Based on the products Supplier Part Number the Benchmark Data is matched with the Company’s Data and produces the list report with all the needed fields such as manufacturer part number, Quantity, Unit Price, Spend, Company ID etc.
§ And by drilling-thru further analysis on a particular Supplier Part Number we get the summary data which gives Details of both Company and benchmark data, The company data gives a list of company which buys the particular product with the cost, Unit price and quantity, The Benchmark data gives Number of Buyers and Prices, the minimum price of the particular product purchased and the maximum price of the particular product is purchased and mean, median etc. if it is less than the unit price it shows green color in the report and if it id greater then it will show Red , if it is equal then it shows yellow using conditional block.
§ From the start till the end, the reports are set drill-thru to the summary level.

Project #3 : Sales Data Mart
Client : Adventnet Inc, Chennai.
Tools : Cognos Architect, Cognos Transformer, Powerplay for windows 7.3, Cognos Visulaizer 7.3, Cognos Upfront.
Role : Cognos Report Developer
Database : MS SQL Server 2000

§ The Data for the Datawarehouse is extracted from the data repository that is also on MS SQL SERVER 2000. The Datawarehouse has two types of tables they are dimension, fact tables modeled in star schema.
§ The Reporting Environment can access the Datawarehouse to generate the required reports. The Sales Data Mart is developed with the objective to have a consolidated Sales details of the company with sales person information like sales person commission for each customer, The reports can be drill-thru to the lowest level to have a clear view of the particular data.
§ Using the power cubes we can able to generate Visualizations in Cognos Visualizer 7.3, and view the reports by setting viewpoints in sheets and produce 3D and navigational display with Pie-chart, Gauge-Chart, Thermometer, Crosstab, Bar-Chart, Cluster-Bar
chart in a Dashboard and each report can be drill through to the lowest levels. And published thru the web using upfront.

§ Configuring the components using configuration manager and connecting to the directory server or active directory,
§ Analyzing user requirements, Organizing folders, Setting up user classes and security using Cognos Access Manager Components, creating PowerCubes and maintain Powerplay System, designing the business model. And Make a 3D-view with navigation the charts by setting viewpoints. And it is set as it can be accessed thru web in powerplay web explorer and also visualizations.

Project #4 : Migration from AIMS Reports to Cognos Reportnet 1.1
Client : Datacert Inc, U.S.A.
Tools : Cognos Reportnet 1.1
Role : Cognos Report Developer
Database : MS SQL Server 2000


§ AIMS (Advanced Invoice Management System) provides your legal department with financial reporting and analytics, including real-time, ad hoc reporting and charting. All core aspects of the vendor-client financial relationship are easily viewed at multiple levels of granularity. In addition, all reports and charts can be printed instantly or saved in a variety of file formats.

§ Here the AIMS reporting application is quite slow in process because it analyses lots of stored procedure that includes lots of sub procedures also. We had a challenging pilot project from Datacert and generated 6 Invoice aging Reports as same as AIMS Reports. And which is very fast compared to AIMS reporting application.


§ Load the data into SQL Server and generate Metadata Using Cognos Framework manager, and also created Relationships and joins wherever required.
§ Analyzed all the stored procedures and the functionality of the AIMS reports and customize them in to Cognos Reportnet in a consistent way.
§ Organize the Team to work with the reports.
§ All the reports are customized based on the AIMS Invoice Aging Reports format and undergone thorough validation.

Period: from Feb. 2003 to Apr. 2004

Worked as a Software Programmer for Perumal & Co, Chartered Accountants, Chennai (Under takes project from various minor client also).

Project #1 : Client Information System
Client : Perumal & Co, Chartered Accountants, Chennai
Role : Software Programmer.
Language : VisualBasic 6.0
Database : MS-Access 2000.

The Users can login using their user id and Password and have options to change their Password, and the main functionality of the project is to keep track of their client’s Personal Details and the process done by the company. Some facilities like deleting, updating and modifying the client and client’s information are given to administrators only. The Assessing officer of each client can be easily traced according to Income Tax Department Rules. The Billing is designed according to the company’s format. And the bill details are kept tracked and can be printed again if needed in future.

Project #2 : Hospital Management System.
Client : Endocrine and Diagnostic Centre, Chennai.
Role : Software Programmer.
Language : VisualBasic 6.0.
Database : MS-Access 2000.

For the New Patients their personal Details have been stored and printed out their Identity card for verification in future. Their personal details can also be updated. They keep track of the test taken for the patients and bills are put according to the rates fixed for each test in the bill format of the hospital and the bill details are stored and kept tracked. The inventory is stored in their database and it gives a warning message when the stock reaches the minimum quantity to make awareness. The data are kept backup on a event of button click.

Academic project:

Project #1 : MUSICALS.COM.
Language : JSP.
Application Server : Apache Tomcat 4.1.
Database : MS-Access 2000.

This is an e-commerce Project, which facilitates for buying instruments from the product catalogue, Moreover it is a MUSICALS shopping cart. Here we must register ourselves to search and order our products. Registered User can only logon for shopping. There is a registration page for registering the new user, the new user will be given the user ID and Password using that he can shop and buy products. After Logon there is a product catalogue to search Musical instruments in which the instruments are categorized as string, wind etc. by choosing the Instrument and add to basket and check out the product for shipment with credit card information to pay and order. You can also view our past orders and update your registered information.

Project #2 : Online Books
Language : JSP.
Application Server : Apache Tomcat 4.1
Database : PostgreSQL (Cygwin).

This is an e-commerce Project, for ONLINE BOOKS Shopping cart. Here we can search books and add them to cart and make shipment by registering the users. The Registered users can ship ordered books to their address with added shipping charges with the book cost, you can also update the registration etc. And also favorite books can be added to your database for future orders. You can view the past orders of your account.

My Strength:

v Excellent Interpersonal Skills.
v Ability to work under time pressure
v Highly flexible and able to respond to rapidly changing situations.
v Can work in a group
v Good Communication and Organization Skills.

Personal Details:

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 30-APR-1982.
Age: 22yrs.
Nationality: INDIAN
Languages: Tamil, English.
Hobbies: Reading, Playing Chess, Carom.

I here by declare that the information furnished above is true to my knowledge and Belief.

Place: Chennai.
Date: (Isaac S. Manoj Rajkumar)


Mobile: 9884023500
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