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How can I get into Oracle CRM as Functional Consultant [message #159912] Wed, 22 February 2006 03:29 Go to next message
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Hi all,

Can anybody guide me to get into Oracle CRM. I am presently a CRM functional consultant for relatively unknown product from USA for last more than 2 years. Have 3 implementation experience with expertise in Sale opportunity Mgmt, Service tickets and Service Contracts.

Can anybody help me to get into Oracle CRM.

People with advice Trainning, pls excuse. Training people reply only when u can assure placement.
Re: How can I get into Oracle CRM as Functional Consultant [message #159956 is a reply to message #159912] Wed, 22 February 2006 06:24 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Are you aware what are the products in oracle
1.Oracle11i crm
3.people soft
4.jd edwards
the list is still adding

Are you aware what are the jobs in oracle crm domain.
5.Business Analyst
6.Product Analyst
7.Support Analyst
and many many more

Are you aware what are the career paths in crm, who is eligible for what, what kind of experience,education,is required, what is the office timings of these guys, what kind of tensions, pressures they undergo, what kind of health problems they have, whether they have active social life, do they miss their family life, what is the jobsecurity of this product line, whether it is going to vanish from the market or whether it is going to thrive.

2 years down the line, if the market is zero for oracle crm, then how good are ur chances in shifting ur career, whether ur competent of shifting, whether you have sufficient funding to baby sit in home.

Dont go by whims and fancies of the market,or what others say, the reality could be hard to digest for u my dear.Life is full of twists and turns , what is hot today is dead tommorow, so decide very carefully why u want to get into oracle crm for first place.

Are you aware that 95% of crm implementations are failures, and increasingly the user accepatance of the crm products is diminishing since the consultants have done a mediocre job. If there is no ROI, no body is going to invest millions of dollars on the crm product. Oracle CRM is still at infancy stage, it is not yet matured,there could be some 400 oracle crm functional consultants world wide.

Chances of you getting into oracle crm are good becuase, you are already working on a crm product, but you should know the functionality of individual crm modules, the integrations, the process flows,concurrent programs, the system profile options, the api's,the interfaces, the workflow,sysadmin, common applications and many more.

Apart from that you should have good communication, oral as well as written to come into this line, not only that you should have good presentation skills, high level of patience for listening, consulting skills and many more interpersonal skills apart from the technical skills, like sql/plsql, discoverer, data load, ms office applications like excel , ms projects, ms visio, first you get the required expertise my friend, job will come later.

You should be doing a realtime oracle crm project to know the nitty gritties of the product, before jumping into the oracle crm field.

Re: How can I get into Oracle CRM as Functional Consultant [message #160054 is a reply to message #159956] Thu, 23 February 2006 00:18 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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hi dushyant,

Pleased to receive ur mail. Appreciate ur concerns about avoiding the fancies of the CRM buzz. Sorry to say but u sound more on the pessimestic side of the coin. Nothing personal about it but i felt this way. Can u tell me something about yourself.

Lets discuss about CRM & Indian IT industry's short sightedness.

U have listed few CRMs from oracle stable. Being on CRM for last over 2 years, My observation is that Siebel is a truely CRM application and Oracle CRM is also a good product. But as far as PPLSOFT n JD edwards is concerned they have conceptual application and not a stable products as such.I have not seen any CRM from PPLSOFT or JDE so far and not even heard from anyone in the market.

About the JOBS involved. Any person who is in IT industry is aware of the things u have mentioned. This is not specific to CRM applications but are relevant to all the applications. If u r asking my interests, then its Functional / Techno-Functional area.

About Career Path & Investment, thats what my question was???? I would like to understand what is required to get into this CRM.

I am completely agree with u that what if the marked hits roadblock 2 yrs down the line. But my views are that,there is no point in being paranoid unnecessarily. Yes, it is possible that CRM can loose its market value but tell me, Is that the end of the world. After JAVA bubble brust, did the Industry stopped functioning or the professional associated have become idle for life. No, there is always an alternative.Its u who has to chalk and modify ur stragegies as n when required. Industry is dynamic and u shall reciprocate that.

I know that there is a large number of failures in ERP/CRM but it has nothing to do with the applications but the people who are associated with Implementations r responsible. If you do not have finite strategy and if u r not aware of what u wanna achieve, any application / change u wanna bring in, is bound to fail. Software Applications are not GOD who will change ur destiny. They are a tool to support ur process and allows u to refine them and make best use of the avialable resources. People in Organisations forgets that n this is the reason for failure.People thinks installing a software will do the wonders for them. No, its not installation but implementation.

I did couple of Implementations, My co has over 100 implementations and none is a failure. Infact, our sales people are at ease now a days as they are getting referring sale.

It is how u look at the thing that matters. U can look at 'Half Full" or "Half Empty" glass and that make's u different from the rest.

Now lets come to Indian IT Industry scenario. My experience with this industry is that this is a very conservative industry. At the same time it is very biased also. Since we are talking about personal careers, i wud prefer to discuss that. Have u observed anytime how this HR in all these companies behaves. As u have said that there are only 400 qualified CRM consultants in the market but the Industry projects a large no of requirements for CRM consultants(in thousands). Now u tell me how they r gonna fulfill the huge gap. The best way is to train people and build up the resources. But is that happening in reality. All this Bastard HR execs calls u up and ask if u have over 2 cycle/yrs of CRM experience in particular technology. What do they think, that it is a commodity that can be purchased in the market. Competencies will be built over a period of time n not instantly. I will tell u a realtime experience with one of this bastard top 3 IT company in country. I sent my resume with real experience and got a reply that they want only people experienced in Oracle CRM. That means the knowledge i have in this area has no significance as i am working on relatively unknown product who has better sucess rate than Oracle. Then, My unemployed friend applied for the same job and has given a fake resume as he has nothing to loose. He did not even know C of CRM but has got selected.

Now what u will comment on that. Doesnt that mean that if u restore to unfair practices, u r welcomed whole heartedly by this stupid companies but a genuine person lags behind as he dont want to restore to unfair means.

It is this reason, my friend, i need to build up competency in Oracle CRM. I know that Oracle CRM does not do anything apart from what my Application is doing. The only diference is Oracle is Multibillion company while we struggle to get out million.

Thats why i want to get into the Oracle CRM and wank to see ke kya "Gud" laga hai is product me ke, companies aandhi ho gayi hai.
Re: How can I get into Oracle CRM as Functional Consultant [message #160064 is a reply to message #160054] Thu, 23 February 2006 00:56 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I don't know the Indian IT industry at all, but I'm sure that for those who are eager to learn there are possibilities. You can check out http://ilearning.oracle.com to see what online courses are available for CRM.

It is a pity that you incorporate IM speak in your post. It takes the level down Sad

Re: How can I get into Oracle CRM as Functional Consultant [message #160079 is a reply to message #160064] Thu, 23 February 2006 01:53 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Sorry Maaher,

But it was just the frustration that came out after experiencing such things happening in the market.

Re: How can I get into Oracle CRM as Functional Consultant [message #160081 is a reply to message #160064] Thu, 23 February 2006 02:10 Go to previous message
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hi sandeep

There is no need to give fake experience to get into the industry, approach IT companies who will take u as trainee, since u have the background in crm, but approach them with good references in the company.
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