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Urgent !: help needed Querying OLAP cubes [message #161461] Sat, 04 March 2006 15:43 Go to next message
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I work mainly on oracle OLTP databases, usually on backend stuff like database table designs, data migration and ETL using Pro*c, shell scripts, oracle packages and procedures ..... I have also worked extensively on front-end development using Oracle forms and reports.

We have an OLAP database with data in cubes. We have a requirement to retrieve data from these cubes using a .NET application. The data we require is also present on OLTP database which will not be a problem to extract as thats is my area.

We have however decided to retrieve the data from oracle 9i OLAP cubes instead. Here are my questions

1) I dont use use .NET found out that easiest way to access oracle will be using ADO.NET. all in agreement ?

2) I have never written queried OLAP cubes b4 but have a fairly decent idea of datawarehouse table designs. Will using ADO.NET allow me to do this fully as if I was using a sqlplus session.

3) Most importantly are queries on OLAP Cubes standard SQL's. Also, for a seasoned oracle user like me, are the queries relatively easy ?. i guess it is still a relational database concept

4) where can i find sample OLAP cube related queries on information ?

Thanks for your time


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Re: Urgent !: help needed Querying OLAP cubes [message #162038 is a reply to message #161461] Wed, 08 March 2006 05:33 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Nicely presented all the Info.Thanks.

But to answer to your questions -

1>>Can you be clear on this question.
2>>Yes ,as you already have a good understanding of datawarehouse tables design , it may not be a big problem in access information from the tables.But it may be quite time consuming.....We use different OLAP tools to generate reports on a DW and those tools which provide us necessary features for generating and quering DW easily.

So when you are not using those tools and using .Net to generate reports , you really need to spend much time , in defining queries.

3>>As you said , we write standard sqls on OLAP cubes and their complexity depends on the DW tables and the complexity that it has.If you are know their definitions better, then it should be easy.

4>>Not sure....Please wait if somebody else provides you the information.

Re: Urgent !: help needed Querying OLAP cubes [message #162048 is a reply to message #162038] Wed, 08 March 2006 07:07 Go to previous message
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Hi, thanks for the reply.

A team I am to be involved with are building a .NET application (that vaguely all I know). A very small aspect of the app is to generate some reports from oracle. These reports are currently generated from oracle 9i OLAP cubes using a BI tool (not sure which) like Business Objects

For simplicity's sake if i had control on what needs to be done, what I would have done would have been to create a package in the database which when called will retrieve all the information required purely from either the data warehouse star schemas rather than fiddling about with cubes. The info will then be passed out via XML or variables using ado.NET as the connection

The difficult part is I have been told that due to security/access/project costs .... we are not allowed to do what I am proposing BUT we will be given access to the OLAP cubes to retrieve the data we want
1) What i meant here was that ODBC connection to the database will not do the job, so i need something that will allow me access to oracle as if i was using a SQLPLUS session. hence i want to be able to write queries from .NET as if i was actually using sqlplus

3) I have not got any clue on the complexity of the design of the cubes and i have a feeling I would not be getting much help on it either due to politics and geographical
locations of team/database ..

I guess the main thing is will ADO.NET (or any other) allow me full query access to OLAP cubes in Oracle9i

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